DocDriven's automatic changelog feature streamlines the process of documenting and tracking API design modifications, ensuring that all stakeholders are kept in the loop. This feature promotes transparent communication and facilitates the collection of valuable feedback at the earliest stages of API development.

To create your changelog the an API project, simply navigate to the "Changes" tab in Project Details. Here, you can add a new changelog entry by clicking the "New" button. You can then enter a tag (e.g. "v1.0.0") and a description of the changes that have been made.

For the first changelog entry in a project, you can use the "Initial" tag to indicate that this is the first version of the API. Subsequent changelog entries can be tagged with version numbers (e.g. "v1.1.0", "v1.2.0", etc.) to indicate the changes that have been made in each version. Please note that the description for the first changelog entry must be written entirely by you, while subsequent entries can be automatically generated by DocDriven.

Once you have added a changelog entry, you can view it in the "Changes" tab. Here, you can see the tag, description, and timestamp for each entry.

TIP: Add comments to each entry to provide additional context or feedback.

TIP: If you want to develop a prototype against a specific version of the API, DocDriven has cloud-based mock servers that can be used to simulate the API's behavior in a given version. This feature allows you to test your application against different versions of the API without having to deploy it locally. To access this feature, click the cog icon next to the version you want to test and select "Mock Server".

Mock Servers