The Overview

Upon logging into Docdriven, you will be greeted by a dashboard that provides an overview of all your projects within your current workspace. This dashboard serves as your central hub for project management and navigation.

Workspace overview

Workspace and Navigation

Your current workspace's name is displayed at the top left of the dashboard. By clicking on the workspace name, you can switch between the workspaces you have access to.

Select your workspace

To add new team members to your workspace, use the "Invite your team!" link located at the top right of the screen. This option allows you to collaborate with others by including them in your workspace.

Project Management

To create a new project within your workspace, click on the "New project" button. This will guide you through the necessary steps to set up the new project.

To learn more about creating a new project, click here.

The dashboard includes "Active" and "Archived" tabs, which let you switch between ongoing and archived projects. By default, the active projects are displayed to help you stay focused on current tasks.

Searching and Viewing Projects

The integrated search bar enables you to find specific projects quickly. Enter your search terms to filter through your projects. If your search returns only one project, pressing enter will take you directly to that project.

The dashboard also provides flexible view options. You can toggle between grid and list views using the icons next to the search bar. The grid view shows projects as cards with images, providing a visual representation. Alternatively, the list view displays projects in a table format, offering more detailed information.

Search and filter projects

Project Cards

Projects on the dashboard are represented by cards. Each project card displays the project's name and includes small avatars representing the team members involved in the project. This feature helps you quickly identify the team members working on each project.

By understanding and using these features, you can navigate and manage your projects within Docdriven efficiently, ensuring a productive workflow.