Managing notifications is a crucial part of staying informed and responsive within your projects. DocDriven provides a comprehensive notifications feature that helps you keep track of important updates and actions.

When you access the Notifications section from the project details sidebar, you are presented with an interface divided into two primary tabs: Active and Archived.

Active Notifications

The Active tab is your hub for all current and pending notifications. This is where notifications appear as soon as something happens in your project that requires your immediate attention. These could include updates on code changes, comments in discussions, or alerts from the code assistant. An icon or message will alert you to the type and urgency of the notification. You can easily archive all notifications once you've addressed them.

Archived Notifications

The Archived tab stores notifications that have either been archived by you. You can always move notifications back to the Active tab if you need to revisit them.

How Notifications Work

Notifications in DocDriven are designed to be informative and actionable. When something significant occurs within your project—such as a new comment in a discussion you receive a notification. These alerts ensure that you're always aware of the latest developments and can act promptly.

The notifications feature in DocDriven is designed to keep you informed and responsive. By effectively managing active and archived notifications, you can stay on top of project developments, ensure timely responses to critical issues, and maintain an organized project environment. Regularly reviewing and interacting with your notifications will help you harness the full potential of DocDriven, leading to a more streamlined and productive workflow.

Workspace notifications

From the workspaces page, you can see all the notifications that are relevant to you across all projects. This is a great way to stay informed about the latest updates and activities in your workspace without having to navigate to individual projects.